Family Portrait Poses

“Anybody can learn how to take great family portrait poses. It is a great way to share wonderful times with those you love”

Photography is a national past time that is available to anyone who has access to a modest camera and the enthusiasm for creating lasting memories. Portraits at home involve all ages in groups or individuals, but the greatest results usually involve two or more family members.

Because you are more often than not intimate with your audience half the battle is already won! Less effort is needed to gain their attention giving more time to catching them in an attractive family portrait pose. Deciding what is it that family members love to do when they are together guides your style? If they are couples you will usually find them holding hands, embracing or kissing.

Brothers and sisters may be playful or at the best of times illustrating everything that is crazy about sibling rivalry. Proud Dads are often glued to newborn while mum stands over the scene with loving eyes. Grandparents could pose apart or together facing the camera while uncle and aunts may need slightly more persuasion to join the crowd. So what is it that will make that unforgettable moment stand-alone?

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The Secret to Family Portrait Poses

As a stranger or commercial photographer the first objective is to find that magic in placing your subjects at ease. If you are a family member, then as photographer you have an edge. You know your subject and what makes them tick! Take advantage of their closeness and don’t be afraid to shoot tight on their heads.

Unlike the typical style of half or three quarters body in the frame feel free to crop heads to emphasize the relationship. Often directing family members is the worst thing to do and at other times essential for older relatives. Start by directing the poses and talk about family events designed to put them at ease and forget that you even exist. Maybe they are head-to-head, one head tucked into the neck of the other or even pulling at each other’s ears. It will be fun and quickly become obvious to what length any further suggestions are necessary.

Put them at ease and shoot around them rather then staying in one position. The camera can be held vertically, horizontally or at an angle. Successful pictures are not assumed just because they look directly into the camera lens. By changing angle and location relative to their position just be careful to avoid background clutter and always think composition.

A basic rule of thumb to take background out of focus is the use of a lower f-stop – f5.6 for example. In the case of groups dispel the mentality of centering them. It is the beauty of close-ups that keep the risk of interruptions around them to a minimum. Always know where your camera is and for the more committed photographer keep it in your pocket as much as possible. Modern cameras today are compact enough to do just that.

Before you start, select a longer lens setting usually labeled as portrait mode on today’s cameras. Enduring moments can be captured at the least expected times. Such as Dad’s sleepy time with baby when there is little time to plan but more opportunity than ever to catch emotional images.

Take from high and low angles caring little about Dad’s attention that is usually focused on the infant in a dreamy moment. All the time be detailed orientated so that clothes are not stretched and personal effects like jewelry and hair slides do not look clumsy. As you shoot always have composition in mind. Wherever your portraits are taken always remember that harsh light is usually unattractive. Shoot with a bounced flash inside and in shade outside, so your family portrait poses are soft and complimentary.

At the end of your shooting day any final touches can be applied with the cool benefits of software to achieve the best out of family portrait poses. The opportunities are endless in capturing that amazing memory of those that matter most in life!

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