Parent and Child Photography

"The emotional bond captured
in parent and child photography can be profound."

With Babies

Babies seem to be most comfortable in surroundings that they are used to, their parents arms. Have the parent hold the baby or at least have his or her hand on the baby. The physical contact also makes it easier to show the close relationship in the photograph.

If the baby does not respond well to the camera, step away and use a zoom or telephoto lens. Just be sure to close in for the head-and-shoulders shot.

With Toddlers

Mother and Child

Again, be sure to close in for the head-and-shoulders shot if you can.

Children are happiest when they are playing, so the fast film and shutter speed will be a necessity to capture the action shots.

Another easy way of showing the closeness between the child and parent is to catch them when they have eye contact with each other.

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