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Here are some portrait photography tips that will help present a more natural look from your subjects and bring more mood to the photograph:

Pregnancy Portrait Ideas - Basic pregnancy portrait ideas can result in outstanding photos. Capturing the beauty of pregnant women can combine portraits with elements of wedding photos with the addition of documenting a new life.

Portrait Photography Technique - Fully appreciating portrait photography technique develops from experience, understanding of the fundamentals and application of personal style.

Portrait Backgrounds - All too often it's easy to skimp on portrait backgrounds in the quest for the 'real subject'. This is a mistake that can mean distraction in an otherwise beautiful photo.

Portrait Poses Basic ideas for portrait poses are highlighted with tips for getting usable photos.

Portrait Lighting Techniques - Describes basic portrait lighting techniques and strategies for beginner photographers. Focuses on broad, short, butterfly, and Rembrandt lighting.

Maternity Pregnancy Portrait - The maternity pregnancy portrait captures a woman with a glow unlike any other time. This can preserve memories for her as well as for the family.

Posing Secrets Hi everyone. It’s Jonnie (creator of Photography-Tips-and-Techniques.com). Professional photographer Malcolm Boone has written a wonderful book called 'Posing Secrets - The Photographer's Essential Guide'. It covers just about every aspect of posing a subject.

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Nude Photography Tips Nude photography tips help capture the art of the human body. These tips are meant to keep the shot artistic not sleazy.

Candid Photography Tips - This article has candid photography tips for amateur photographers who like photograph people in their natural state.

More Portrait Photography Tips

Photography Portrait Tips - These photography portrait tips address poses, backgrounds, indoor portraits, and outdoor portraits.

Relaxing Your Subject - One of the most important things to remember about portrait photography is that in order to get a natural look and feel to the photo, the subject must be comfortable. If you cannot quite get your pictures to reflect your subjects in their natural state, check out this article.

Ways of Looking - Sometimes you may find yourself with a bunch of photos that have lovely people looking directly at the camera and saying CHEESE! While this is common,..well that is just it,... it is common. It has been done to death, and while they are saying CHEESE, their cheeks are scrunched up and the eyes are squinted. One of the most descriptive features of a face is the eyes. So, back off of the cheese and capture more character. To handle the first problem of eye direction, read this article.

Composing a Picture - Now that you have your subjects relaxed and looking in a way that will reflect their character, what should go in the frame? Should there be more than one subject? Where should the subject stand to balance the picture? How can patterns or lines be used to draw viewers to the subject?

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